Todorova Nadia

Todorova Nadia

Todorova Nadia

Scientific Mentor:
Christos Trapalis
Company Mentor:
Ioannis Arabatzis

Novel 2D Nanocrystals for Smart Coatings Applications

This project works at the interface between materials science, surface chemistry and nanotechnology and will be carried out in collaboration with NCSR D and NanoPhos S.A. The goal of the project is to develop new family of 2D Nanostructures with extraordinary properties and to implement them immediately in smart, functional coatings. 2D nanostructures as well as their nanocomposites will be firstly synthesized and characterized at NCSR D. The advanced materials will be then incorporated in suitable matrices already used by NanoPhos S.A.
Highly effective conductive, photocatalytic and antibacterial formulations will be created at low active component loadings. The deposited coatings will be thin, light and applicable to devices of different shapes and sizes for portable, flexible and wearable electronics. Also, second generation antistatic, photocatalytic and antibacterial coatings will be developed. It is expected the coatings to reach a wide share of users as they can be deposited via environmentally friendly and highly competitive application procedure over new and existing/functioning platforms.


  • 15th Symposium on Catalysis, Ioannina, Greece, 2019

Other Distinctions

  • National Grant by GSRT for the project 2D g-C3N4/TiO2 heterostructures for photocatalytic oxidation of air pollutants”.
  • 2D Light weight Materials and Coatings for Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Applications –2D EMI Shield” ” joint project between NSCR-D and NanoPhos S.A. Selected for funding by ESA.