Stramarkou Marina

Stramarkou Marina

Stramarkou Marina

Scientific Mentor:
Christos Tsamis
Company Mentor:
Marios Chronis

Smart Packaging using electronic sensors on flexible substrates for the activation of food bioactive compounds encapsulated with innovative methods

The main objective of the Industrial PhD project is the development and evaluation of technologies for food preservation and smart packaging reinforced with bioactive compounds from industrial waste, targeting fruit juice products. Specifically, the bioactive compounds that are contained in the industrial waste will be recovered and isolated through innovative techniques and then will be encapsulated in the packaging system. In addition, chemical sensors, which monitor food quality and provide information to the user, will be developed and integrated in the same smart packaging system. The quality characteristics of the developed system will be investigated and the extended shelf-life of the new products will be determined.
Finally, the sustainability and the total cost of fabrication process of the packaged system, which will be integrated in the current food packaging industrial procedures, will be evaluated. Thus, the Project will resolve two major issues in food industry with societal and economic impact: a) Protection of consumers from spoiled food and b) reduction of industrial food waste.


  • 12th National Scientific Conference of Chemical Engineering, Athens, Greece, 2019
  • Food Chem Day, Athens, Greece, 2019

Other Distinctions

  • Thomaides award for the presentation “Optimization of the recovery of bioactive compounds from industrial fruit waste” in international scientific conference