Stamatakis Emmanuel

Stamatakis Emmanuel

Stamatakis Emmanuel

Scientific Mentor:
Thanos Stubos
Company Mentor:
Kostas Tsiakataras (DBC). Nikos Giannoulakis (ELFON)

Smart Hybrid Energy Storage And Management (SHESAM)

The main objective is to increase the share of local RES used in the building sector, by integrating energy storage and management systems. The project will demonstrate innovative solutions for local power and heat generation and their
appropriate integration with energy storage in the form of hydrogen (Power to Gas) to enhance renewable energy penetration in the built environment. The addition of Hydrogen Energy Storage Systems (HESS) and Thermal Energy Storage Systems (TESS) increases the system flexibility and efficiency.
Direct outcomes envisaged to be achieved during the project are:

  1. substantially increased exploitation of RES in the built environment;
  2. provision of a real case methodology for co-operation between hydrogen storage & RES installations;
  3. quantifications of the social, economic and environmental benefits of energy storage applications;
  4. Increase public acceptance of Smart Hybrid RES-energy storage systems.


  • Second International Computational Science and Engineering Conference, Doha, 2017
  • 5th Hellenic Forum, NCSR Demokritos, Athens, Greece, 2017

Other Distinctions

  • H2TRANS; Research project funded by the National Partnership Agreement 2014-2020