Michailidi Elisavet

Michailidi Elisavet

Michailidi Elisavet

Scientific Mentor:
Evangelos Favas
Company Mentor:
Dimitris Favvas

Study of the effect of nanobubbles enhanced water solutions on the cleaning of stainless steel and ceramic surfaces from oil based contaminants

The purpose of this Industrial PhD project is to elucidate the effects of nanobubble (NB) suspensions, produced by new designed NB generators, and study the nanobubble formation, size distribution, coalescence, stability and dynamic behavior. Aqueous NB suspensions will be examined regarding the properties of nanobubbles and their applications on cleaning and preventing depositions mainly on stainless steel and ceramic surfaces. This project is expected to contribute to the optimization of oil transfer/storage process by developing an innovative method for cleaning the tanks from organic deposits. The oil based contaminants removal, which requires large amounts of surfactants, is a high demanded process because of the required high water temperature and the wastewater has an even higher organic load. The project will provide an energy efficient technology, which follows the principles of green chemistry to mitigate the environmental effects of the cleaning process.


  • Conference on Advances in Chemistry (ACAC 2018), Athens 31/10-2/11/2018.
  • IC4N, Corfu, Greece, 2018

Other Distinctions

  • Best Oral Presentation Award “Evaluation of NBs@air and NBs@O2 effect on biological systems: Study of ROS-induced cell toxicity”, Athens Conference on Advances in Chemistry (ACAC 2018), Athens