Kosmadakis George

Kosmadakis George

Kosmadakis George

Scientific Mentor:
Panagiotis Neofitou
Company Mentor:
Panteleimon Bakalis

Integrated Solutions for Low Temperature Waste Heat Recovery and Exploitation in Industrial Processes

The core objective of the project is to develop advanced processes and integrated configurations for exploiting the industrial waste heat. Focus is given on low-temperature heat (below 100oC), which represents a large fraction of the total one, since its utilization currently leads to unattractive solutions with long payback period (PBP). Therefore, new technologies should be developed to effectively exploit this heat and increase energy efficiency, with a direct positive impact on the environment and the society. The project deals with the development of integrated solutions for waste heat exploitation, through upgrading the waste heat with a heat pump, storing it and then re-using it.
In order to improve flexibility, minimize the rejected heat, and gain an overall control of energy flows, the stored heat can be also used for power production with the same unit (bi-directional process), and thus conclude to a reversible heat pump/organic Rankine cycle.


  • 5th International Seminar on ORC Power Systems (ORC2019), Athens, September 2019

Other Distinctions

  • H2020 Grant for the project Renewables for Clean Energy Buildings in a Future Power System