Fetfatzis Prodromos

Fetfatzis Prodromos

Fetfatzis Prodromos

Scientific Mentor:
Kostas Eleftheriadis
Company Mentor:
Georgios Sarigiannidis


In this project the objective is the development of the AirSensis, an accurate, small, low cost smart sensor system having application packages, aiming to commercial product. The area of interest is the indoor air environment monitoring and control for home and work. AirSensis measures every minute a number of parameters namely time, place, temperature, humidity, pressure, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, PM10, PM2.5, PM2.5, VOCs, NO2, etc.

At this stage of development, AirSensis is a smart IoT device that interacts using Wi-Fi, mobile phone, on line platform that provides data visualisation. The on line data base of the system has been generated and the data analysis algorithm that will be used for further services or products, is now in the design phase. At this moment three working prototypes have been developed and another one is in progress for a patent. All of them have low cost, high stability, low uncertainty, tested in real work and home environmental conditions. The developed prototypes already are close to the level of TRL 6 and more options are designed for different commercial purposes.

We have participated at one European (2017) and one (2018) International Aerosol Conference, to the international exhibition 2018 TIF and to the 2nd Phase of the 9th Innovation & Technology Competition Competition ” Four-day Bootcamp MATCH & DEVELOP A START-UP” of the National Bank of Greece – Athens University of Economics and Business in 2018, for disseminating our results and assist in attracting business partners
towards full commercialization.


  • European Aerosol Conference 2017, Zurich, Switzerland
  • 10th International Aerosol Conference 2018, Missouri, USA