Ellinas Kosmas

Ellinas Kosmas

Ellinas Kosmas

Scientific Mentor:
Evangelos Gogolides
Company Mentor:
Christos Pandis

Optimizing Razor Blades Using Plasma Processing

The proposal had two major objectives organized in six (6) work packages.

  • The first objective was to develop new manufacturable processes on existing coatings, or new plasma deposited or other coatings.
  • The second objective was to develop new characterization methods for the coatings on the razor blade.

We already have some interesting results such as

  1. Important knowledge was gained on the role of coating hydrophobicity in blade performance.
  2. Superhydrophobic blades were prepared and evaluated.
  3. An activation process has been developed and it is used to improve the adhesion of the coatings that are currently under development.
  4. A new characterization method has been developed. It is a quick screening test done on stack of blades using contact angle measurements.


  • Superhydrophobicity and Wetting Symposium, Aalto University, Finland, 2018