Angelopoulos S.Evangelos

Angelopoulos S.Evangelos

Angelopoulos S.Evangelos

Scientific Mentor:
Evangelos P. Favvas
Company Mentor:
Dionysis Skamnakis

Design and Development of a Low Cost Sensor for Qualitative and Quantitative Assessment of Diesel Fuel

We envisage the development of a new class of sensor that will be used in the fixed and mobile asset management industry and will provide simultaneous qualitatively and quantitatively assessment of diesel fuel in real-time. The ultimate goal of this 4 years project is to develop an innovative, low-cost small form sensor that will be easily integrated with third party Internet of Things (IoT) automotive platforms, therefore substituting the need for expensive off-site fuel characterization that is the current norm. The objective is to unravel the basis of accurate diesel fuel quality measurement, decipher the determinants of fuel quality properties, study the majority of existing laboratory fuel analysis methods and invent a new type of industrial diesel fuel sensor.


  • Hub:raum IoT Academy, Athens, Greece, 2017
  • 15th Globelics International Conference, Athens, Greece, 2017
  • CeMAT, Hannover Messe, Germany, 2018
  • “Smart University Campus” Conference, Demokritus University of Thrace, Greece, 2018
  • Smart City Expo World Congress, Barcelona, Spain 2018
  • 1st Sustainable Conference, Cypriot Institute of Technology, Cyprus, 2018


Other Distinctions

  • Tetramax Cascaded Funding: Successful application and raise of 25.000 euro